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Sunday November 8th.

Today was sort of a day off for me. What that really means is that I’m flaked out in front of the TV upstairs with the computer on my lap, instead of sitting downstairs in the office with the computer on my lap. Somehow it makes a difference. I’m still working, and yet it’s somehow more relaxing. Can’t explain it.

Today I typed out all my notes for my middle school play THE AUTOMATIC A, which seems shorter than I thought, so I’m going to ponder some more on it. I like it a lot and there’s a lot of physical action which takes up little space on the page, but will take a lot of time on stage.

I then spent about three hours on one scene for the ten minute collection. I love it when you start work with a scenario in mind, maybe there’s a beginning, and an end and then a character does something unexpected. It just naturally happens and makes you want to go deeper and deeper. A smidge of an issue I’m circling is that there are a lot of deep scenes in the collection. I like deep scenes and want to have them. There needs to be some more variety though.

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Monday November 9th

So here’s the plan. I was able to get 15 rough drafts of plays for the collection last week. My aim is to get 15 this week so that I can get up to 30. (my math skills are wizard!) That’s the plan.

Now, there’s a great possibility that some of these scenes will not make it beyond the rough draft, or one may be too similar to another. Or that this great train of forward motion and creativity will stall, or hit a bus and completely derail.

But the goal is good as it lets me know what has to happen each day. Worked on three HAPPY scenes to counter the deep trend in previous scenes. One of the scenes was inspired by a juice box. There’s just something so innocent and childlike about the juice box, isn’t there? Inspiration comes from anything and everything…

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