This post over at Slate is titled “the 5 craziest things people used to believe about the sun.” Now the article is really just an excerpt from a book by Bob Berman, called The Sun’s Heartbeat. But when I see a title involving words like “crazy” and “believe” and most importantly, “sun,” I wiggle my fingers in glee at the thought of a story idea just waiting to happen.

And so it is. Four out of the five crazy beliefs don’t really grab me, but the first one hits it out of the park:

  •  People used to believe, that the sun is hell.

Now that is something. There are so many scene possibilities:

  • One character who believes and one who doesn’t.
  • A world where EVERYONE in the 21st century believes the sun is hell. Puts a new spin on the phrase “Sun-worshiper.”
  •  If the sun is hell, would scientists try to extinguish the sun?
  • How are those treated who don’t believe the sun is hell – what if the one scientist trying to prove the contrary is ridiculed?
  • If the sun is hell, what is the moon?
  • Someone is able to prove the sun is hell.
  • Someone is able to prove the sun is heaven.

And the list goes on, this is how you keep the mind spinning and turning. What sparks come to mind for you with this idea? Who are the characters? What’s the situation? What change is about to happen in this kind of world? Write ’em down, post them, email them to us and we’ll post ’em. Get your mind spinning and turning…

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