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Inspirational Video for Young Artists: “Five lives of an artist”

I love TED Talks. I could watch them all day. They’re inspirational, thought-provoking, and push my mind in directions that I thought I had long walled-up.

I just watched a recently-posted talk given by Indian artist Raghava KK entitled Five lives of an artist.

The best collaboration, of course, is with children. They are ruthless. They are honest. But they are full of energy and they are fun. I spent time in The Bronx working with these kids. And in exchange for me working with them, they taught me how to be cool. I don’t think I’ve succeeded. The taught me, they said, “Stop saying, ‘Sorry.’ Say, ‘My bad.’

In the talk he chronicles the many phases his art has taken, from caricaturist to painter to scenic designer to teacher and so on. His career had major ups and shocking downs. A poorly-thought-out 9/11 cartoon pretty much brought his career to a standstill. But he persevered, took a lengthy sabbatical, and changed. Truly inspirational.

This is great stuff for any young artist to see. When we’re young, the ultimate goal for a young actor is to star on Broadway or film, or for a dancer to dance at the Met, and so on. But a video like this teaches us that art takes us in unpredictable paths, and that there are many other branches and rivers and niches to follow.

Broadway isn’t the top, it’s just at the end of one particular branch.

Pour yourself a nice cuppa joe and watch the video here.

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