Interesting Mask Idea

Photo Noemie Roy Lavoie

Recently I came across a picture of this mask used in the French Canadian play Aurel Aux 4 Vents at the Theatre populaire d’Acadie. (Apologies for the missing accents on Theatre!)

I had never seen a mask that focused on the centre of the face and the first thing that struck me was that this mask would be a great intro mask for students. It keeps the eyes and mouth free, while still creating that larger than life quality that mask embodies. Being caught behind the face of a mask is liberating for some, for others it’s cloying. This type of mask would circumvent those issues. And certainly, the eyes and mouth would have to work in tandem with whatever exaggeration is going on with the nose. That in itself would be a useful exercise – how do you create a mask with your own features?

A thought for a Thursday, have you ever considered using a half mask that centres on the middle of the face rather than the top?

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