Interesting News Part 2

More great news about my newest play Sweep Under Rug. The lovely folks at TADA Theater chose it for their 2006 reading series. It feels wonderful to have so much attention to something that isn’t published yet. It will hopefully give the play a nice boost – it isn’t a fun loving happy play, nor it is your typical drama. It’s a little left of centre, which is sometimes hard to sell.

The play is going to get a staged reading in October, which I just might be able to see. It’s right around the time when I go off to Kalamazoo for my, now, regular writing retreat and during the run of my play SHATTERED in Minneapolis and just before I got to Virginia for the Virginia Theatre Association Conference. I have this crazy idea that I’m going to come up with a plan to get to all of that. It may be too much, as it requires a huge amount of travel details that all need to work out exactly, but we’ll see. That sure would be fun though!

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