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International Thespians Day Five Point Five

Greetings from the International Thespian Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska.

On Day Five (point five) of the International Thespian Festival, Craig has a chat with Bob Fowler of Interactive Educational Video about their upcoming additions to the Practical Technical Theatre series – Careers & Costumes.


Lindsay: Hello! We are still here at the International Thespian Festival. Theatrefolk has been coming to the International Thespian Festival since 2004 as vendors. And that very first year we met another vendor married couple like Craig and I, Bob and Marti Fowler, and they created a series of DVDs, Interactive Educational Video, and they run the gamut from stage management to set design to lighting to audio and everything in between, and they were at festival this week and they are coming out with two new DVDs. We carry Interactive Educational Video, and it’s interesting, it’s the only product that we carry that we didn’t create ourselves, because we believe so strongly in it and we’re very, very happy to be carrying it. So Craig talked to Bob about the two new programs they’ve got coming out.

Craig: So I’m here with Bob Fowler, just one half of the excitement that is Practical Technical Theatre, and how many DVDs are there right now, eight?

Bob: We have eight right now, yeah. We have an intro, set construction, lighting, stage management, audios, set design, lighting design, and business and house management.

Craig: And now you’re coming out with a new one, Careers.

Bob: Careers, yes. Actually, we’re in edit for that right now, and it should be done by the end of July.

Craig: I think a lot of people think, when they think of careers and theatre, there’s only the one career, performer. What other areas do you cover?

Bob: Oh gosh, we cover all the different aspects of administration, artistic directors, producers, where the money comes from, the pay people, to different types of organizations, commercial theatre and not for profit. We also cover all the different unions, the Stagehands Union, the Actors Equity, which is for actors and stage managers, the directors, SDC – Society of Directors and Choreographers, scenic artists, scenic designers, costume designers, just every aspect of theatre. Even down to people working on Broadway taking tickets and ushering are all members of the Stagehands Union.

Craig: Oh really? I didn’t know that.

Bob: Yeah, yeah.

Craig: Okay.

Bob: Everybody. Everybody in the theatre.

Craig: Everyone is making a buck in the theatre.

Bob: Everybody is making…yup.

Craig: Theatre is a get-rich-quick scheme, isn’t it?

Bob: Yeah, right.

Craig: [Laughs]

Bob: [Laughs]

Craig: So that’ll be available when?

Bob: It’ll be available in probably the first part of July.

Craig: And then coming after that is…

Bob: I’m sorry, the end of July.

Craig: End of July. And coming after that is…

Bob: Coming after that is Costumes for Theatre. We’re fortunate enough to have Terry McGonigle, who is an Education Theatre Association Hall of Fame member and a fantastic costume designer. He’s going to be hosting this, and it’s going to be a great, great program because he’s a fantastic costume designer and a fantastic teacher.

Craig: And it’s such a broad topic, so like what’s the angle? How do you begin learning costumes?

Bob: We’re going to start off with basic sketching of a human body because that’s where you hang clothes. You need something to put your clothes on or your costumes on. And then we’ll go into script analysis, character analysis, how the costumes have to fit different characters, how they work into the entire production concept of a show, and then drawing fabric, and there will be a section, too, about turning old, kind of useless clothes into costumes, tricks to do that.

Craig: Oh, so great ways to save money when you do that.

Bob: Oh yeah.

Craig: Awesome.

Bob: Definitely.

Craig: And when’s that anticipated?

Bob: We’re hoping first part of September.

Craig: Great. Thanks so much for your time, Bob.

Bob: Thanks a lot, Craig.

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