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International Thespians Day Two

Greetings from the International Thespian Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Here’s a short audio-set-to-video of our second day here. We cover a student success story, the joys of having your name printed in a script, a sweet show shirt, and Lindsay’s love for teaching playwriting workshops!

Video Transcript

Craig: Hello everybody, this is Craig Mason and I’m here with Lindsay Price.

Lindsay: Hello!

Craig: And this is the Theatrefolk table at the International Thespian Festival, and this is day two. This morning, the first show was the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. We only just hear these shows when we’re sitting here in the lobby of the theatre, but judging by the audience’s reaction, it was a big hit. So all day yesterday we were getting these kids from…where were they, Colorado?

Lindsay: They were from Colorado, yeah.

Craig: And they just kept coming up to the table and saying…just different kids from the same school saying, “Oh, Michael has done all these monologues from your plays and he’s doing really well here. He’s getting these callbacks.”

Lindsay: “He’s auditioning. He keeps coming.” And they hadn’t quite connected to the fact that the playwright who wrote all of these plays was actually standing right in front of them, and when I said, “Well, hey, you should tell Michael to come by the table because I’m Lindsay and I would love to talk to him.”

Craig: So every hour or so we’d keep hearing about Michael, keep hearing about Michael, and finally…

Lindsay: Michael arrived, and it was pretty exciting because he was using four monologues in his audition process and three of them were mine – one from Hairball, one from Skid Marks, and one from the Bright Blue Mailbox Suicide Note. And because of using these monologues, and of course, from his performance, he had already received seven callbacks, which is pretty exciting. It’s very exciting to hear someone doing so well with your work.

Craig: Now, the other cool thing that happened was we have this new play called Somewhere, Nowhere, and Lindsay has been developing this play for a year now and it’s gone through a few different productions.

Lindsay: You may have heard us talk about it, you know.

Craig: And what we love to do is that we like to put the names of the casts that have helped out.

Lindsay: Just as in a professional publication of a script when you see the first cast, well, we do the same thing. The first cast of the plays that get done, if we can, we publish their names in the script.

Craig: So we had some kids come by and they started flipping through Somewhere, Nowhere and realized that their names were in the script, and it was quite a scene here. There were a couple of them actually lying on the ground. They were so emotional about it.

Lindsay: Taking pictures. They all came up and wanted to buy all the scripts. We’re like, “Oh, it’s okay, we’ll get you scripts, we’ll get you scripts.” And it was so full of life to see their reaction and how thrilled they were and how amazing it was to them to be part of our process, and I’m really grateful that we were able to use the students and that they took it so wonderfully. It’s such a great thing.

Craig: We also got a show shirt.

Lindsay: We got presents.

Craig: We’re getting gifts here, which is awesome.

Lindsay: [Laughs]

Craig: We got a show shirt from a school that is a Script Bank member, and they did…they did 10?

Lindsay: Eight.

Craig: They did eight plays. Eight plays out of the 10 plays they did…

Lindsay: Were ours.

Craig: …were ours.

Lindsay: And so I have the shirt and it’s got like their whole season listed, and there’s Among Friends and Clutter, and The Fried Kobassa, and there are all these Theatrefolk plays, and they just had a really wonderful time at all different levels in their classes.

Craig: They really maximized the use of the Script Bank.

Lindsay: Absolutely.

Craig: They used it for student-directed projects, for one-acts…

Lindsay: For protection. It was just…yeah, they used it the way that the Script Bank should be used, just loving theatre, putting on theatre over and over and over again. And I have to say I think that’s a record, I think, for one school to do eight of our shows. Love it.

Craig: And now coming up later this afternoon, you’re going to be teaching.

Lindsay: I start teaching. I teach two workshops a day today through Saturday, playwriting workshops. It’s the most fun experience when it comes to teaching because the kids who walk into my classroom, they chose to be there, they want to be there, they’ve read the description. Nine times out of 10 they are writers who are just dying to get something done, and they’re just the best people to work with because there’s nothing funner than working with people who want to learn and who want to get better at what they do. And so it’s always a fun experience to teach at the International Thespian Festival.

Craig: So that wraps up our second day here. Tonight’s show is going to be The Drowsy Chaperone.

Lindsay: Started in Canada. Go Canada!

Craig: Started in Canada. The school’s not Canadian.

Lindsay: The school is not Canadian.

Craig: The show is Canadian.

Lindsay: We’ll take a small credit.

Craig: Alright.

Lindsay: Teeny.

Craig: See you tomorrow.

Lindsay: Oui.

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