International Thespians Festival – Day One

It’s actually sub day one – it’s driving day! The International Thespians Festival takes place this week in Lincoln, Nebraska. It’s a big festival for us, and the longest: 8am to 8pm (and sometimes longer) for five days straight. Lincoln is hard to fly to – you can’t get there straight and some times for some things, it’s just easier to drive. Usually we do it over two days, but this year we decided to bite the bullet and do the whole thing in one shot. Lincoln is only a 17 hour drive (only????) and driving means we don’t have to worry so much about what we bring. For example, there’s nothing like having a cooler full of cold soda at your disposal!

What we learned is that your tiredness level is about the same at the end of a 12 hour drive as it is at the end of a 17 hour drive, so you might as well do 17 hours. It all went surprisingly well. We also broke out our new video/still camera. We’re going to put together a short video about our experiences this week. I was practising with the soft ware during the drive and learned out to make titles as well as add sound effects. I’ll be George Lucas in about 50 million years.

Tomorrow is a rest day and a adjudicators meeting. Both Craig and I are going to judge Individual Events this year – monologues for me, and duet scenes for him. Should be interesting.

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