International Thespians Festival Day Two

I love our hotel. We’re right next door to the theatre so we don’t have to get up so early and we can go back to the room if need be. It’s heaven. I don’t feel like I’m beat up and stomped on and chewed up and spit out. I only feel tired and my voice is just a little bit sore. Success!

Today is the start of the big day which we’ll repeat till Saturday. We’re at the table at 8:30, we stay there till one. We get a wee break and then I’m in workshops for the rest of the afternoon. We get a wee break, back to the table before the evening show. We get a wee break (I love our hotel) and then back out for the adult reception aka the place to schmooze with teachers. It’s a long day but necessary and we’re prepared.

This morning I interviewed Billy Houck and the cast of A Box of Puppies, which is a Theatrefolk play that’s going up on Saturday. None of the girls in the cast had been to the International Thespian Festival before and they were so excited to be there. I was reminded how much I wished I had be able to attend such an event when I was in high school. This podcast will be up once we get back home.

Later on I also interviewed students from Arizona who have done a ton of my plays. It was so great to talk to them, they’re the best! When I asked them which play of ours was their favourite to do, I was shocked to find out it was Stroke Static. This play is near and dear to my heart as it’s about my grandfather and his experience with multi infaract demensia. It almost brought me to tears that others would be so touched by the play.

I taught a teacher master class today about including a playwriting unit in a drama program. I realised how important it is for me to say to others ‘students must write plays.’ I truly enjoyed the workshop. It was long (3 hours!!) but completely worthwhile. Alas, the walk to the workshop was rather oppressive. Today the heat in Lincoln was like a wall which I walked into face first. But then at the end of the day, the walk from the theatre to the hotel was hardly long enough to get the whisp of a bruise. Have I mentioned how much I love the hotel? :)

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