International Thespians Festival – Day Two

It’s hot in Nebraska. Not pleasant, gosh isn’t this sun warm kind of hot. The kind of hot that makes you feel violent. It’s that vile. Craig and I went for a run at 8:30 am , and that was too late. We only lasted 35 minutes.

I don’t know how people live here. And this is only June! Back home, a clear blue sky is something that makes you smile. It’s a feeling of comfort and happiness. Here, a clear blue sky means there’s no escape from the sun and the heat and you’re toast. Literally.

And then, you go inside somewhere and suddenly, it’s the arctic. There are icicle hanging off your nose and penguins wave as they walk by you. When we set up our table in the exhibit hall tonight, I’ll need a sweater. The two extremes are wacky loco. But, I guess if I have to choose, I choose icicles. I hate feeling vile.

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