International Thespians Festival Day…..

Three, four and five???? Whoops. What happened to me doing this every day. I’ll tell you. The Day happened. Every day we’ve been out the door at 8:30 and not coming back in till midnight.Working the table, teaching workshops, going to teacher receptions, talking, talking, talking, some more talking, and did I mention the talking? My voice is about two octaves lower at this point.

Now, this is all by choice. This conference is the place to be and we want to be here. There’s not another place we can meet so many people from so many different places. I’ve met student writers, directors who’ve done our plays, students who’ve done our plays, students who’ve performed monologues at the festival, people who did my workshops this year, last year, three years ago who come by and tell me how much they enjoyed them.

We’re also having a blast putting together a video for the website and keeping up with our podcast. Oh yeah, and keeping up with the blog. It’s all good, it’s all fun, and we’re having a great time. Honestly the students could not be more enthusiastic about their love of theatre. If only we were 17 and had that energy. Where do they get that?? Does it come in a bottle?

The great story of today is that we met a teacher from California who told us about two plays she had written. Usually people describe their plays and they’re hard to picture. It’s hard to get excited. But she was the best salesman ever! One was a version of The Little Mermaid (with the REAL ending, not the Disney ending) and both Craig and I were completely jazzed over her description. She was so overjoyed to be in theatre and to share her passion with her students, it was amazing.

I also met a teacher who was using The Pregnancy Project in her classes. She talked to me about possibly using the play in her school’s health classes. The play was one of our most looked at, and sold out quickly. Who says students don’t want to be familiar with important issues?

We’re working hard, we’re so happy with our efforts and the customers we’ve met are so wonderful, if we weren’t so tired, we’d be crying.

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