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International Thespians Festival – The Best Thing

One of the best things when I go to conferences is meeting teachers and students who have directed or been in my plays. It thrills me to hear them talk about how the shows have gone and their experience.

Yesterday, a student just happened to over hear my name and came running over to the table – he had directed a production of Emotional Baggage and his concept was so cool I had to share it……


Lindsay: Okay. Hi. I’m very excited. I’m here in the noise of the Thespians Festival as you can see and I just got a great big hug from a guy who directed Emotional Baggage and he just told me the coolest thing about the way that he staged it. So, I said, “Will you do a video?” and you said, “Yes!”

Joey: I said yes! So, I did Emotional Baggage as a class project.

Lindsay: Yes.

Joey: And I staged it completely modern. It was completely realistic.

Lindsay: Yup.

Joey: They didn’t have any masks or makeup on or anything, but everything on stage bought light except for the baggage because my big thing was I wanted everyone to be connected through their baggage.

Lindsay: Yeah.

Joey: And when they entered, each character entered and had a moment of serendipity which was what we called it in the production. He had a moment of serendipity with the person before them, and they kind of connected eyes, and they pause for a split-second, and they kind of realize that they were connected. And then, the only color on stage was the baggage which kind of separated everyone, sort of. Well Rounded, he wore a tie-dye shirt and bell bottom blue jeans.

Lindsay: That is very exciting. So, tell everybody who you are.

Joey: I’m Joey Fernan and I’m from 2303 in Southern Maryland.

Lindsay: Oh, thank you so much!

Joey: You’re so welcome!

Lindsay: It’s so exciting.

Joey: So welcome.

Lindsay: Okay.

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