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Is Arts Education the Answer to Bullying?

The act of performing itself is quite empowering. Watch a group of kids successfully perform a piece of music and you will have some insight into their sense of confidence, and achievement – as well as see their level of self esteem blossom.

School bullying has been around as long as schools have been around. It’s the number one most requested play topic, and it’s definitely the reason that Lindsay is working on such a play. She’s workshopping some new ideas even as I write this.

Plays about bullying are very important. They let kids know that they’re not alone out there and that there are resources and a community that can help them.

This recent post on the ARTSblog looks at the topic from a whole different perspective. What if the play in and of itself, to paraphrase Shakespeare, really is the thing?

Perhaps the very act of getting kids involved in the performing arts will help eradicate bullying issues. Performing on stage gives us power. Since bullying is about power, perhaps it can be replaced altogether with artistic performance.

Not only does live performance give the bully the power he/she so desperately seeks, it also gives the bullee an outlet to learn self-confidence.

Check it out; it’s well worth a read.

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