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It Takes a While, It’s Going to Take You a While

Take a few minutes to check out this video of Ira Glass, host of This American Life talking about the struggles we face early in our careers as creative artists. His message is honest and inspiring. My favourite part is when he analyses (and harshly criticizes) a radio piece he filed several years ago.

Most everybody I know who does interesting creative work, they went through a phase of years where they had really good taste, and they could tell that what they were making wasn’t as good as they wanted it to be. They knew if felt short… We knew it didn’t have the special thing that we wanted it to have. And the thing I want to say to you is is everybody goes through that… You gotta know it’s totally normal. And the most important possible thing you can do is do a lot of work. Do a huge volume of work.


(Credit to this tweet!)

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