It’s amazing what 3652 days will make…

Or, 3653 if it’s a leap year.

As we embark on a new year and a new decade it’s impossible not to look back. It’s not my favourite activity (the hair cuts are always regrettable) but I’m rather proud of where we’ve ended up. Proud, amazed, and sometimes bemused. But I’m always bemused, so there you go.

We’ve just come off a really lovely year at Theatrefolk Global Headquarters. It’s so great to have a goal, work hard at it and have it pay off. Like really, really, really great. Like we’re planning on working twice as hard in 2010. Like our potential has not been reached. To the moon! Whee!

Can you tell I’m excited? :)

Ten years ago I was living in Toronto, Theatrefolk in this configuration was in it’s infancy and there was no way I wanted to be a TYA playwright. I wanted to be a big time Toronto playwright. A big deal. I wanted to get produced and be loved and then I’d get another production and then I’d be a playwright in residence and there would be tours and I’d end up on Broadway and I’d be the biggest, big time big deal ever.

That wasn’t really working out. I was the complete opposite of a big time big deal ten years ago. Epic failure. There was a lot more temp work than writing. I worked as an usher in a theatre instead of being produced by one. Yep, not working out at all. And I was working hard, so I thought. I felt like a hamster on a wheel, running, running, running, and just not budging an inch.

And if my future self had gone back and said to my self back then that in ten years…

  • I’d make a living as a playwright.
  • That Theatrefolk is taking off.
  • That I LOVE writing for students.

Well…. I’m not sure what I’d say. I probably wouldn’t have believed it because my goals at the time (as you may have guessed) were a little screwy.

There have been many days in this past decade where I was more than unsure of where I was going or what I was doing. I have to be thankful that I have zero additional skills so there wasn’t much choice (aside from becoming a professional temp) or thought to changing career paths.

And now, I have this bubbling excitement about what’s to come. I know what I’m working on, what I want to do, where I’m going. New plays, new promotions, new workshops, new performances, new ideas…. Aside from the curve balls that life inevitably throws, the future is going to be a lot of fun. I can’t wait.

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