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It’s Freebie Friday!

It comes earlier and earlier every year. Stores are stocking the shelves with trees, ornaments, and pretty lights. Frosty the Snowman blares from the tinny speakers in your favourite big box store. Wrapping paper is flying off the shelves and for some reason, people are still buying fruitcakes.

Neither of us Theatrefolkians have contracted H1N1 (yet!) but we have contracted the giving fever…

To that end, we’re counting down to the holidays with a little thing we like to call Freebie Fridays – for the next five Fridays we’ll be posting some great resources for classwork or competition.

This week we have a series of three articles entitled Getting a Superior in IE Monologues. Even if you have no idea what an IE is (Individual Event – an International Thespian Society competition) you’ll find all sorts of valuable information in these articles for choosing, preparing, and performing monologues.

Find them here.

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