It’s High Time We Failed

Lindsay and I were talking the other day about how we haven’t taken on a Fail Project lately.

A Fail Project, in our definition, is a project that combines some manageable risk with a good chance of failure. It usually involves us going outside our comfort zone and/or extending beyond our traditional market.

True to the name, most of our Fail Projects have failed. Maybe we’d be more successful with our Fail Projects if we didn’t call them so.

Let me be clear – we’re not hoping these projects fail. Nobody invests time and money in something that they think are going to flop. The positive side is that we’ve learned so much about ourselves, our mission, our products, and our customers through our Fail Projects. We’ve probably learned more through our failures than our successes.

So, we’re fixing to set up a new Fail Project. We’ve had extraordinary response to our Scene Spurs: Writing Prompts for Dramatic Depth. We’re so encouraged by the response that we think it has some fantastic applications outside of the theatre classroom. So we’re going to re-edit and re-tool the book for other disciplines, and get out there to some markets we’ve never been able to penetrate.

Maybe this Fail Project will be the Fail Project that fails to fail. Maybe it won’t. But we won’t know until we try.

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Craig Mason