It’s not me. It’s you.

‘Give me a play that’s going to win a competition.’

This is a question we get quite a bit. Second to:

‘I need a winning monologue.’

And we have both of these. Plays that have swept competitions, monologues that have won awards and helped the monologue-giver win scholarships. I’ve had one student come up to me this year and say that he wouldn’t have been able to attend college without the scholarship he won using my monologue.

So hooray for us, and hooray for all those out there looking for ‘the win.’

Here’s the thing. The script is just a piece. Get right down to it, the script is just a bunch of pages with a bunch of words on them. They’re great words, but words all the same. It’s not the script. The script is just a tool. It can’t win anything on it’s lonesome. It’s a hammer. You can say to a hammer – ‘I want the best bookcase ever.’ You can say that to the hammer till the cows come home, the hammer is not going to build the bookcase till you pick it up.

That’s right. It’s you. You are the one who can win the competition. You’re the one who brings it to get a scholarship. I’ve seen productions as different as black and white with the same play because of the people involved.

I can certainly do my best. And I can absolutely put the best tool into your hands as humanly possible. I believe in quality tools. (pssst don’t get your hammer at the dollar store!) But the end product depends on what you bring to the table.

And that’s what I love about hearing about and (not as often as I’d like) seeing productions of my work. I love the ‘you’ in the work. I love what you see in the characters and how you imagine the world of the various plays. I love what you bring to the table. Keep on bringing, and keep telling me about it!

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