Journey of a Play – Final Pre-publication production

In our Journey of a Play series, the last production video for SOMEWHERE, NOWHERE.


Hello, welcome to the Journey of a Play. We are here back in Florida for the last pre-publication production of SOMEWHERE, NOWHERE. I’m standing on the stage. The production is less than an hour away. We have the quiet before the storm. I’m very excited about this play, SOMEWHERE, NOWHERE. I’m really happy. It’s just about good to go. What this production is going to be great for is that all the little changes I made after seeing the two production are going to be put into action. That is going to be the icing on the cake. So off to the show!

Tyler who’s that? Tyler, who’s he? Tyler is the man, man! Tyler is the best, best! Tyler is the one, one! Better than the rest!

Ok, so it’s 10 o’clock, the show is over, the kids have already got their strike list, they’re getting ready to dismantle the set, that’s it, it’s over. I have to say, it was such an amazing thing to see all the changes everything coming to this culmination – I feel a hundred thousand percent ready to go. Ready for publication. I can’t wait to get this play out into the world. It’s been a, well, it started in April, it’s February now. Almost a year of it in my brain. I have nothing but excitement and a great love for this little play of mine. That’s SOMEWHERE, NOWHERE. So the next step in the Journey of a Play. Production done – how do we turn it into a lovely, finished script. That’s next time.

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