Jumping Off Buildings

So this past weekend we were in Houston for the the TETA (Texas Educational Theatre Association) conference. It was nice to be in a place that isn’t cold. For the most part, I’m just fine with winter. I’d rather have winter over hurricanes for example. But this year has been so dang cold……. On Thursday, in Houston, we went outside and it was sunny, and we didn’t have to wear our winter coats, and there were guys in shirt sleeves eating ice cream. It made us down right giddy.

At this conference, and in our business in general, we’re trying new things. Things that don’t make us look like other publishers. Things that may catch on or not. Craig talked about one of these things in his post ‘Finding the Huh.’

We’re trying to take some risks and see where they go. Yes, even in these ‘times’ – everyone seems to be talking about the times and how bad the times are and sure they are bad. But either you put your head in the sand, or you continue to move forward.

When asked by my intrepid partner, how I was feeling about this conference, and these risks and what we were doing, I said it was like jumping off a building. You know, like a leap of faith. Doesn’t that make sense? Craig, funnily enough, didn’t see it that way.

‘Jumping off a building? Like committing suicide?’

‘No. Like a leap of faith.’

‘Jumping off a building isn’t a leap of faith. It’s plunging to your death.’

‘That wasn’t what I meant. I wasn’t trying to be negative, it’s a positive thing, we’re taking a risk. A chance. We’re leaping.’

‘And falling.’

“But what if we fly. Hmmm? What if we leap and we, metaphorically, fly?’

‘Do I look like I could fly?’

‘Our plays could help us fly.’

‘Do our plays look like they could support our weight?’

‘You’re being literal.’

‘You’re the one who’s jumping off buildings.’

It’s important to learn new things every day. Jumping off a building sounds negative. I got that now. And I’m not negative. I’m cold, but not negative. Most of the time. Hee.

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