Keeping It Fresh

freshIt’s the part of being a professional actor that only resonates once you’ve done it. Eight shows a week. Twice on Saturday. On paper it seems so manageable. If you’re in school it’s something that seems so wonderful – I get to act for a living? Eight shows a week, bring it on! And you get your first show and you think, this is great. I’ll have all this time during the day, I’ll get so much done and then I get to go act!

But a professional run is very different than doing a one time school run for three nights. It’s eight shows and then another eight shows, and then your day off is spent gathering your energy for the next eight shows, and all those plans you had go right out the window. Every time Craig got a show he would always plan what he would do during the day…..and it hardly ever happened. All of his energy went into having enough energy for the show. That’s something you can’t know till you’re right in the middle of it.

And further, once the thrill of opening has worn away and you’re doing eight shows, and another eight shows, and another eight shows….how do you keep it fresh? How do you do the same show night after night and be alive in each moment? Keeping your performance consistently engaging is a necessary and vital skill for the professional actor.

I’ve gathered a few posts from professional actors talking about just this skill. Check them out!

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