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One of the great things about being the resident playwright for Theatrefolk is that whenever we want to test something out, I can play guinea pig. I don’t mind at all – something which may look ideal on paper may just not work in practice. If we can smooth out the kinks ahead of time, all the better.

So right now we’re playing around with Kindle. I’ve got my own author page over on Amazon. You can find our Competition Monologue books up there, a selection of my plays and our new resource books: Scene-Spurs and Write Your Own Vignette Play.

I’ve also been able to list some non-Theatrefolk plays. I used to write a lot of ten minute plays when I started out and recently they’ve been gathering dust in a drawer. They’re fine plays and they got a lot of productions in their day when I focused on non-Theatrefolk stuff, but over the past few years they’ve had to take a back seat.

There’s Liver for Breakfast where three adult siblings prepare themselves to have breakfast with their father and his 22 year old girlfriend. There’s Rabbits where a woman tries to quit smoking by riding the subway. There’s White where a young wife refuses to face the fact that her husband may have just died in a bike accident. This is a great opportunity to see what, if anything, can happen with them on Kindle. Better than sitting in a drawer. Check them out!

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  • Oh, wow. I never thought of looking for monologue books on the Kindle site. I use my iPhone for books all the time!!