Let the writing begin! Day 1, 2

Lindsay writes every day for 30 days and post about her experience; the good, the bad, and the bizarre twists and turns in the life of a playwright.

Sunday November 1st

As luck would have it, November is also National Playwriting Month (which is a sub arm of National Write a Novel Month)! Naplwrimo challenges playwrights to start a play on November 1st and finish it by November 30th. I’ll be participating in a fashion, I won’t be working on one specific play; I’m going to focus on a new ten minute play collection. In an ideal world, I want 30 plays in the collection between duet and group plays, which (if you’re doing the math) would be 30 plays in 30 days. Ha. But then again, why not?

Naplwrimo will be an awesome extra kick in the butt for me to keep writing every day as I’ll be posting on their website to share what I’ve accomplished.Since it’s Sunday and technically a ‘day off’ for me, I eased into the month. I started on a very casual list of short play ideas, picked one and started writing. I have the sweetest little notebook which I’ve been ‘saving’ for something creative and this is the perfect occasion. Yes, I save notebooks for special occasions. Deal with it.

lindsay with notebook

Craig bought this one for me. Feel free to say ‘awwwww.’

I love creating with pen and paper. The computer is the most amazing invention, as far as I’m concerned, but there is no experience like the creative flow from the brain, down the arm, through the fingers and out on to the page. It’s quite the rush, you know as far as creative experiences go. That’s why the right pen and the right piece of paper is so important. I consider the creative act an experience, so why not take all aspects into consideration? Why not have the right pen and the write piece of paper? That’s why I’m, what some might consider, a freak about notebooks. I love notebooks. I’m too practical to buy those expensive jobbers on a regular basis, the ones you get at the dollar store work just the same, and they’re a dollar. But oh those leather bound, cream coloured pages, beautiful pictures….. I’m certain I made paper in another life. Sigh. Where was I? Oh yes, the writing. (picture of Lindsay writing, which I’ll then use for the rest of the posts this week)

I think my brain works differently when I write with pen and paper than when I try to create on the computer. It’s not the same experience at all. My brain moves very linearly on a computer and like a firefly on the page.

This first day of creativity was pretty wild for being so casual. I started work on a four character sibling play where four siblings who don’t really like each other are flung together to deal with their mother’s cancer. That was where I started. Where I ended was a pair of 14 year old Martha Stewart incarnates, an older sister who’s been away at school and thinks she can just take over the household, and a seemingly slacker boy who has the clearest understanding of death of them all. That’s a wild journey and I had no idea it was going to happen when I started writing. And that’s what makes writing such an experience…

Monday November 2nd

Lindsay works

Oh, day two of something is always a little bit harder, isn’t it. There’s the euphoria of the first day, the skipping through the fields of creativity, and then the work begins. But you know, there’s work and then there’s WORK. The work of today was twofold. First, I had to balance the business of Theatrefolk and writing for Theatrefolk. There was about six hours of business errands so I knew I had to get any and all creative work in before I left the house. Done and done.

Secondly I had to really work the creative muscle today. Since I’m working on a collection of 30 plays I have to come up with 30 play ideas. And realistically, it’s more like 35 since there are good odds that some of them will be duds. I just don’t have 35 play ideas off the top of my head. Not only that, they have to be unique. I can’t have ten plays on the same subject. Or that sound the same way. So, I had to spend most of my writing time brainstorming idea after idea after idea. And it was slow slogging at times.

lindsay smiles with pen

And while I was out today I was in observation overload – anything out of place was written down. Anything I knew would fit teenaged characters was written down. And any fragments of dialogue that came to my head went down on the page. Three of those observations turn into a couple of pages each on potential plays which I’m rather pleased over. It gives me something to start with tomorrow.

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