Lindsay busy time

April and the beginning of May were some of the busiest weeks I’ve had in a while. I know, I know, I’m not a teacher, a brain surgeon, or a coal miner. But it’s amazing how tuckered out this little brain of mine can get! I criss-crossed back and forth across Ontario – over to Whitby, back to Tilsonburg, up to North Bay. I was seeing shows, meeting and talking with students, giving workshops, adjudicating, more workshops, writing, seeing more shows,giving a reading, teaching more workshops, developing new plays and more! There were a lot of challenges during this time – new adventures that I had to step up to, programs I had to design, techniques I had to cultivate. And I’m proud of every last thing. I worked hard and was able to grow as a writer, a teacher and an adjudicator. I just wish the growing took place over a longer period of time, you know, six months instead of six weeks. There’s something I could grow at, time management….

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