Lindsay Talking with Students about “Through the Looking Glass”

Lindsay and I travelled to Nova Scotia a couple of weeks ago to see the first performance of Through the Looking Glass. The school was putting on Alice but felt they wanted a longer show. When the asked us for advice, Lindsay wrote them a second act! (You can read an article about the production here.)

Afterward she spoke with the cast about the experience:

Through the Looking Glass should be available in December. If you’re interested in doing a pre-publication production of the play this fall, then give Lindsay a shout for more information.

Video Transcript

Boy: A lot of it didn’t make sense and I liked that. I thought it was actually pretty well-written. It was very stressful at times rehearsing.

Lindsay: I imagine people have to know when they’re going to come in and talk at the same time.

Girl 1: I just wanted to say that I liked how much it related to the actual story. Like, I haven’t read Alice in Through the Looking Glass. I’ve only read parts of Alice in Wonderland. But I liked that it was kind of expected but, at the same time, there was its own little twists and quirks and things like that. And, I also liked, especially in the second act, that there was so much room to play with things and that we were like, “Oh, well, I wonder what she was thinking when we wrote that,” and we didn’t really know how to do it so it probably looked different to you in parts. But it was just neat to see how everything played out.

Girl 2: It was really cool because it’s, like, it’s the other side of the mirror.

Girl 3: I like how well-written the play was in general by you.

Lindsay: Well, it’s not really me. That’s Lewis Carroll.

Girl 3: Yeah.

Lindsay; That’s me taking from one form and putting it into another. Well, I’ve always loved Alice in Wonderland and, when you look at it, it just lends itself to being theatrical. And, also, being something that is a little non-realistic and a little out there and a little weird and I really think that that’s a good thing to have in theatre and a good thing to have on-stage. It’s always, always, always been in the back of my mind to do Through the Looking Glass so it was just pure happenstance. Everything worked together and it’s like, “Okay! This is the time! I’ve got to do it!” and it just worked out perfectly that I was able to do that.

Girl 3: Yeah, like it was really detailed. Like, I raved through the whole script. I was just so amazed. Like, how much time do you spend on it? Because it was, like, really good detail.

Lindsay: I guess this was about a month from beginning to end. It was a lot. It was easy because a lot of it was already there and I didn’t have to create it. I just had to tinker with it and sort of adapt it. So, other original stuff can take up to, like, a full-length usually takes about a year.

Well, I just want to say thank you. This is the most important part of the writing process is actually seeing it come to life. So, without you, I can’t move forward with my work so you have played a very, very important role in moving my work forward so thank you.

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