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Links Craig Likes – 8/12/11

Here are some recent articles / videos / links from around the ‘net that I think you’ll like.

Chapter directors from the Educational Theatre Association share their goals for the upcoming year:

The Drama Teacher’s Network blog has posted an excellent set of costume and set lesson ideas.

This is a fairly new but EXCELLENT blog. If you’re folling our blog then you should definitely be following theirs. It’s run by a Drama/English high school teacher from Australia and is full of high-quality lesson plans and classroom tips.

Timothy McSweeney has posted Hamlet as told through a Facebook News Feed. It’s surprising how elegantly he compresses the five hours of theatre into a handful of Facebook posts.

The funky-cool Flocabulary – Hip-Hop in the Classroom site has a video version of a hip hop Much Ado About Nothing. Check it out here.

The Dramatic Difference site (I believe it’s the Educational Theatre Association‘s advocacy wing) is seeking some videos for a series called If It Weren’t for Theatre, I…

In a video that’s two minutes or less, describe how and why theatre has positively and dramatically affected your school experience. Has it kept you in school when you considered dropping out? Has it re-engaged you in school life? Has it encouraged you to apply yourself? Has it given you a goal or opportunity for higher education that you didn’t previously have? Think about how your video could be used to demonstrate to your school board, administration, parents, or even other students how theatre is valuable.

You can see some of the awesome videos they’ve received right here.

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