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Links Craig Likes – 10/16/11

Here’s my weekly list of links around the Internet that I think you’ll like!

Subsequent to Steve Jobs’s passing, Robert Morrison of Quadrant Arts Education Research offers this post. It’s a discussion of how arts education influenced the work of Steve Jobs and Jef Raskin.

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I love Morrison’s conclusion:

The moral of this story which is always understood is this: We do not teach the arts to create great artists anymore than we teach math to create the next generation of mathematicians or language arts to create the next generation of writers. We teach the arts in our schools to create great people so they are empowered with skills and knowledge to be successful in life” to do great things regardless of the vocational pathway they choose.

Commedia Students

Here’s a video showing a class in commedia dell’arte, including a pretty good discussion of the characters and the use of mask.

Incidentally, if you’re looking for a commedia script suitable for high schools, check out Allison Williams’s The Scarlet Heart.

Is Your Theatre’s Rigging Safe?

Why not find out for certain with a (pretty much) free inspection?

USITT (United States Institute for Theatre Technology) is launching a Rigging Safety Initiative to fund inspections of theatrical rigging in secondary schools across America.

This program is open to all secondary schools, public and private, nationwide. The cost to the schools is only that of the travel and housing of the inspector (if necessary) and any special equipment required (such as a lift or other item to access the system).

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