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Links Craig Likes – 8/28/11

Here are some recent articles / videos / links from around the ‘net that I think you’ll like.

Nice Review of Tuna Fish Eulogy

Lindsay Price’s Tuna Fish Eulogy was recently presented at the Calgary Fringe Festival. They got a pretty ice write-up in fast forward weekly:

What the production demonstrates is what can happen to a child when he/she exists at the centre of a bunch of angry adults who are too hung up on pursuing their own agendas, and defending their own actions, to pay attention to the impact they’re having on the young person in their midst.

Learning Through the Arts

This is a fantastic resource!

Curriculum Services Canada has an extensive series of videos called Learning Through the Arts. The videos cover all of the arts including Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music, and Visual Arts. Also available is a printable (PDF) Viewer’s Guide. [via this tweet]

Handwritten Advice from Phil Hartman

In 1997 a young comedian (Mike Scott) sent a demo tape to the mighty Phil Hartman for advice. Hartman listened to the tape and sent back a handwritten letter with a thoughtful and honest critique. While much of the advice is specific to Scott, there is also some great advice for any young artist.

Just work, wherever you can. You’ll grow and refine and be great. Be patient. (I didn’t start acting till I was 27). You’ve got a head start.

The full story and letter are here.

New York Theatre Guide Newsletter

If you’re like me you don’t get to New York nearly as often as you’d like. To keep on top of what’s happening, I love getting the New York Theatre Guide weekly newsletter. It has news, casting announcements, opening and closing dates, box office figures, what was available at TKTS for the week. It’s been very low-key and non-spammy so far.

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