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Links Craig Likes – 9/11/11

Here’s my weekly list of links around the Internet that I think you’ll like!

Unbelievable Mime Work!

Here’s an amazing Japanese mime performance that I found on YouTube. This should be mandatory viewing for theatre classes. Armed with a couple of simple props and a whole lot of creativity, this duo creates a bizarre world where physics don’t seem to apply.

Two Arts Advocacy Resources

ARTSblog has posted two excellent Arts Advocacy resources: The Top 10 Ways to Support Arts Education & A Whole New World: Arts Education Advocacy As A Parent.

Losing My Mind

I absolutely adore Marin Mazzie’s performance of Sondheim’s “Losing My Mind” from Sondheim! The Birthday Concert.

I’ve seen many performances of this song. Some are gimmicky/kitschy, some are emotionally overwrought. There’s certainly room in the song for that type of interpretation. But what’s extraordinary about this performance is that it’s devoid of artifice; it’s a bare-bones honest emotional commitment to the text and music. Simple is ok. Even when you’re at a gala. Even when you’re performing for the composer on his 80th birthday. (I’m not sure Patti Lupone would agree with me, judging by her apparent reaction.)

A Theatrefolk Ancestor?

via Billy Houck

The Elizabethan Club of Yale University has aquired a manuscript for A tragedy called Oedipus, an Elizabethan text for Oedipus Rex meant to be performed by grammar school students.

This link has the full manuscrapt and transcription.

Theatre more popular than sport in Great Britain

Lastly, this bit of news from The Stage that more Britons attend theatre more often than sports!


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  • What great links. Thanks for sharing. I love Marin’s simplicity, too. My favorite performance of the night though was that of Elaine Strich.

  • I agree, Elaine shone that night. I was very taken by Marin’s performance because it’s so atypical to see something so reserved at a big gala like this.