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Links Craig Likes – 9/4/11 – Shakespeare Edition

Shakespeare is alive and well and all over the Internet. Here are a few things that I came across that I think you’ll like.

Behind the Scenes of Shakespeare in the Park

Matthew Micucci is a carpenter for The Public Theater’s Shakespeare In The Park in NYC. He shared this video about life behind the scenes at this revered theatre.

One of the things I love most about being involved with theatre is getting to see everything that goes in to putting a performance together. But here’s a glimpse that few of us ever see.

Impressionist Jim Meskimen Does Shakespeare in Celebrity Voices

I adore this video of Jim Meskimen performing Clarence’s speech from William Shakespeare’s Richard III as a number of different celebrities, from George Clooney to Droopy Dog.

It’s a virtuoso performance. Not only are his impressions great, but he gets inside the characters. They read the text exactly as you would imagine them reading Shakespeare.

Shakespeare on the Subway

If you’ve ever ridden a New York subway, you know that pretty much anything can happen on them. So why not do a little Shakespeare?

I’m sure it would be annoying to be sitting there just trying to get home from your job while these guys run around spouting iambic pentameter, but it’s way more entertaining (and safer) than other things that could be happening on that train.

Note: There’s one f-bomb dropped in the video.

What Did Shakespeare Sound Like?

A University of Kansas production of A Midsummer Nights Dream attempted to answer that very question. And here’s their answer:

Read more about the production here.

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