Links Craig Likes – Featuring The Ancient Theatre Archive – 9/18/11

Here’s my weekly list of links around the Internet that I think you’ll like!

West Side Story… Without the Music

No, I’m not talking about Romeo and Juliet, I’m talking about the film version of West Side Story.

The New York Philharmonic recently held a screening of West Side Story (article about the performance itself here) where they played the soundtrack live in tandem with the film. In order to do so, they had to remove the music from the soundtrack.

The New York Times has a neat little multimedia page showing the original Jet Song from the movie alongside the music-free print the New York Philharmonic used. See it here.

The Ancient Theatre Archive

The Ancient Theatre Archive bills itself as “A Virtual Reality Tour of Greek and Roman Theatre Architecture”.

The first theatre I check out was the Theatre Dionysus (pictured above) which is basically the mother of all theatres. But what I didn’t realize is how many ancient theatre sites still exist around the world. There are photos of ancient theatre sites from dozens of places around the word including Africa, Italy, Turkey, Spain, and (of course) Greece.

The Fair Use Evaluator

This link applies only to our American readers.

“Fair Use” (or “Fair Dealing”) allows for certain limited uses of copyrighted material. Every country has different interpretations. Canada, for example, has a much narrower set of criteria than the US (Wikipedia on Fair Use).

If you’re intending to do anything with copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright holder, The Copyright Advisory Network has posted a tool to help you determine whether “Fair Use” applies. It’s basically a wizard that asks you a number of questions about what you’re doing with the material. It then gives you a printable PDF with an evaluation of how “Fair” your use is.

There are a number of legal disclaimers on the site and it’s important that you read them before using the tool to make sure you fully understand the legal implications of the evaluation.

A New Arts Academy

In these days of constant negative news about arts departments being cut, isn’t it lovely to learn about a new arts program? Here’s a short article about Calhoun City schools launching an Art Academy for elementary, middle and high school students.


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