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Links Craig Likes, or did Shakespeare have an iPhone?

Here’s my semi-weekly list of links around the Internet that I think you’ll like!

Did Shakespeare have an iPhone?

Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night is being used as part of a Colorado anti-bullying initiative.

“When we pitched the play, we talked about the phony letter forged for Malvolio. They said, ‘That’s just like cyberbullying on Facebook!’ “

Read about project (and see a video) here.


It’s quiz time. Who said the following, speaking about his high school theatre career:

  • “I have been doing acting my whole life. I did plays in high school. I take it pretty seriously. I used to do a lot of Shakespeare and Shakespearean festivals and monologues.”
  • “I think my favorite one was Marc Anthony in ‘Julius Caesar’ where Caesar dies. I made my drama teacher cry.”
  • “My principal told me it was the best play he had ever seen. I had played RP McMurphy in ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.'”

Give up? It was none other than Vinny from The Jersey Shore!

Read about Vinny’s surprising revelations here.

How to be a Vocal Advocate for your Arts Program

Here’s a short collection of useful advocacy tips from Education Closet.

A Free Teaching Hour from Berkley Rep

This is absolutely fantastic. The Berkeley rep offers one free teaching hour to every public school in the nine-county Bay Area.

Do any other arts organizations offer anything similar? Let me know and I’ll share it here.

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