Location, location, location

I have recently re-configured my writing area. Instead of sitting in a loungy type chair with my laptop in my lap (which I was starting to suspect was doing my spine no favours) I have opted for more of a desk arrangement that looks out. There’s room for tea, a notebook and an area to properly work a mouse, as I’ve also been suspecting that carpel tunnel is in my future if I don’t start holding my wrist correctly. I like this little thing because I can also close it up to hide the lap top and still write old school, with pen and paper. I am seriously in love with this arrangement. I can’t help it.

And I know it seems frivolous. But every writer must come up with and develop their own productivity tools. For me, it’s all about the location, it does make a difference when it comes to writing. I don’t know why but if I’m not positioned just right in a specific area no productive writing will get done. I’m also a big proponent of changing locations every once in a while. I think that’s probably why I write so well on the road, I have made changing locations one of my productivity tools. So to write on a plane is almost like a treat. Ok, maybe that’s a stretch but I get a lot of writing done in the air.

Is it psychosomatic? Sure. But if the work gets done, who cares? That’s the end game. What can we do to make sure the work gets done. Because half-finished work does no one any good if you’re interested in making a living. I’ll do whatever it takes to make my brain think that now is the time and the place to get down to writing. Which is probably why I have seventeen pens in my bag. I’m serious, if you don’t have the right pen, how can your writing be any good? It makes perfect sense. Really.

Do you have any tricks to get writing done?

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  • I enjoyed this post :) My trick is to just start writing and forget everything else going around (for a while at least). I also feel writing is a form of self-therapy for me, so it is “important” for my well being.