Lucky Me

I do To Do lists. I like to see the things I need to do on paper in front of me. Sometimes I do it at the end of the day, to act as closure. Sometimes I do it at the beginning as the first act of the day.

Tonight, I turned to a fresh page in my notebook took up a stylish blue pen and prepared a To Do list. And the only thing on my list is playwriting. Just the plays I’m currently working on.

I look up from the page. I’m leery. ‘Is there something else I’m supposed to be doing right now?’ I ask Craig. ‘No,’ he says.

Sure there’s lots to do later. April has a newsletter, California Thespians, Florida State, May has numerous school workshops, June has International Thespians.

But now? This week? And next week?

Nothing but writing.

What a lucky girl.

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Lindsay Price