Make Plays

We spent last weekend in Phoenix for the Arizona State Thespian Conference. A very nice group; we felt quite welcomed there and look forward to making Arizona a yearly stop. The theme of the conference was ‘Make Plays Not War.’

In another time, in another place it would have been a cute 60’s throwback theme. A chance to dress up in tie-dyed clothes and flash the peace sign.

But it’s not another time or place. And when I hear 2000 students and teachers in a room chanting ‘Make Plays Not War, Make Plays Not War’ I have to believe they know what it means. Certainly the teachers do. Certainly the Board does who chose the theme.

I wonder what the students thought. They have to know right? I wonder if there were upset parents, or teachers who refused to chant, or if there were fights at the theme decision meetings.

Or, were there no fights. Was there a decided, united front – We must make plays, not war. We must say this out loud. I never expected to see or hear such a statement in Arizona, which to my layman’s knowledge is a red state.

Were there students at the conference who were more keen on the dress up factor than the statement? Sure. Were there students who chanted, just because everyone else was chanting? I’m sure there were.

But I’ll bet, in this time and this place, there were students who knew exactly what they were saying. It was a interesting feeling to be surrounded by the statement as the sound of ‘Make Plays Not War’ echoed off the walls and hung in the air.


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