Making Books – Old v. New

We did some shooting the other day for our Journey of a Play series. We shot video of our physical books being made and sent to you, from the printing to the trimming to the binding to the shipping. It was the first time we’ve watched our books actually being made since the olden days when we made them ourselves. What an eye-opening experience.

The very same day I came across an awesome video of how books used to be made. Again, a real eye-opener.

Here’s a quick shot of the printing of a Theatrefolk play:


Here’s how books used to be made:


What a difference!

The digital age means everybody has access to publishing tools, everybody has a voice.

A company as niched as ours never could have existed under the old model. Everybody can be heard. If we turn down a play, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of a line for an author. Plays we turn down frequently turn up in other publisher’s catalogues. And if all of the publishers are exhausted, then you can easily publish yourself. PDF the script and put it online.

All of this freedom admittedly puts more noise, more cruft out there. But it also gives voice to plays and ideas that never would have existed before.

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