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March for Arts Education

It breaks my heart when I read about the slashing of arts programs across the US. There’s a great battle being waged by students at Kennebunk High School after their district proposed to cut the two teachers responsible for their program. (see here, here, here, and here).

So what if you’re in the same boat? What if your program is under similar pressures?

KeepArtsInSchools.org, a wonderful website for anyone passionate about Arts Education, is declaring March to be Arts Education Month.

I just received a email with some links to some great resources. Please pass this stuff on to anyone you can!

Visit our March for Arts Education toolkit for the three things you can do to make March count for arts education. Want to get your school board behind your effort? Visit our new toolkit, Winning School Board Support for Arts Learning for ideas, examples, tools and resources for effective engagement of your school leaders.

Even if your program isn’t in jeopardy, it couldn’t hurt to be proactive and get the word out the positive impact the arts have on your students.

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