May Madness – Talk to a Playwright!

Send out an all points bulletin: Lindsay Price will be answering the phone today. I repeat, Lindsay Price will be answering the phone.

What does that mean exactly? Well, you can call us with your usual business that requires one to call a play publishing company. Questions about royalties, what’s our fax number, how long is such and such a play, can I pay my invoice. The usual suspects.

It also means, that if you are putting up one of my plays, you have a direct line of communication to the playwright (barring pee breaks). You’ll know for a fact (barring pee breaks) that you’ll be able to call Theatrefolk Global Headquarters and get me on the phone. You can ask questions, tell me about a production, get information on a particular play, talk about Theatre in general. We can talk about it all, I’ll be here all day.

You may notice too that if you call Theatrefolk Global Headquarters it’s usually a male voice that answers. Well, a little more than usually, a little more like 99.9 percent of the time. Craig is the handy dandy phone guy. Mostly because, I’m not so good on the phone. I kinda hate it. I get REALLY nervous. I stammer, I lose myself in the middle of sentences, I’m always afraid I’m going to give out the wrong information. If someone is annoying, I’m rather poor at hiding the fact that I find them annoying. That’s not so good for company relations.

But my friends, I’m not one of those people who is afraid to fly and thus, never ever flies. You have to face your fears and really, answering the phone barely ranks on the top thousand list of things that people should be scared of. And I’m really hoping some of you take us up on this Talk to A Playwright idea. Because the bottom line is I love talking to teachers and students about theatre.

So I’m on call. Barring pee breaks. Let’s talk. 1-866-245-9138.

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