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Search Term: “Need an Invoice”

Invoices, PDF downloads, our W-9 form, online payments, and pretty much everything else to do with your order can be found on the order status page. You will need:

  • The Order Number
  • The Email Address used to place the order

Give us a shout if you have trouble finding any of this info.

Search Terms: “Religious” & “Christian”

This is not a strong suit in our catalogue. The closest matches that come to mind are The First Herald Angel (the birth of Christ) and Wenceslas (explores themes of Christian charity). We do get Christian plays submitted to us but we’re primarily a publisher of plays. So if the work doesn’t hold up for us as a play (character, story, theatricality) then we’re not interested. The play’s the thing. I don’t think there’s anything particularly un-Christian about any of our titles, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Search Terms: Scene Collections

Here’s what I recommend for people looking for scene collections:

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