Movie Monologue Monday – Bryan Cranston vs Samuel L. Jackson

The monologue I’m looking at this week is a TV monologue, but it’s from Breaking Bad, which is far better than the vast majority of movies these days.

Samuel L Jackson participated in a fundraising event for the Alzheimer’s Association. The outcome would be that he’d recite a 300 word monologue posted on reddit. He threw in this bonus monologue from Breaking Bad.

I love this look at a finely crafted monologue being performed by two actors at the top of their game.

It’s unfair to say who gives a “better” performance. Cranston has several advantages over Jackson: he’s been crafting this role for several years, it was shot on set with perfect lighting, with multiple takes and camera angles. Jackson’s recording his piece into a webcam from a hotel room wearing a soccer shirt.

But it is fascinating to see how two great actors interpret the same piece. And I can imagine how difficult it must be for producers and casting directors. How in the world do you choose between two great interpretations of the same role?

Bryan Cranston

Samuel L Jackson

Cranston has hinted that he loved Jackson’s piece and that we should all stay tuned for a response:

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