Spot on!: Ms Spitspot’s Spick and Span Play Place

Ms Spitspot's Spick and Span Play Place
Written by Lindsay Price

Not all successful productions require a large cast. As part of Ten/Two, a collection of plays for two actors by Lindsay Price, Ms. Spitspot’s Spick and Span Play Place is a fun comedy about a germophobic children’s entertainer.

On the eve of cancellation, Ms. Spitspot clings to her TV show persona. Want to find out more about her story? Download the free sample pages!

Director – and Theatrefolk playwright – Jeffrey Harr was happy to share the success of his talented group of student performers from Roosevelt High School in Kent, OH:

Just wanted to share a few photos of the kids from Ms. Spitspot. The kids were awesome and the play was great. We were all a little surprised by the emotional punch it packs at the end when Ms. Spitspot and Swab hang it up for good. When the rest of the casts saw it for the first time, they weren’t ready for how moving it was after laughing so hard.

Great job, Roosevelt High School!

*Photo credit: Jeffrey Harr

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