Much Ado About Facebook

The Weekly Reader is in the middle of a very neat experiment blending education, theatre, and social media. They’re presenting a production of Much Ado About Nothing on Facebook.

Here’s some information about the project.

While I love the idea, and I think that much more stuff like this will happen in the future, the implementation is unnecessarily complicated. In order to follow the story, you need to “like” sixteen different pages. That’s a lot of clicking to follow one story for one week. And then how do I get rid of it at the end of the week? Do I have to search through all my “likes” to “unlike”?

Nonetheless, I applaud them for the effort. This must’ve taken an extraordinary amount of preparation.

They’ve also tied the story into the hot-button issue of bullying and have put together some excellent teacher’s guides to go along with the presentation.

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