Music Makes the World Go Round

I’m working for the first time with an outside composer for the new Christmas play I’m working on. I heard the music yesterday which was pretty exciting. All our Christmas plays have a music element to them, whether it’s versions of carols, or music put to poems. This is the first play that has a couple of original songs which I wanted more than a simple melody. As much as I would like to do everything, writing music is just not my forte. I know enough, but not nowhere near enough!

It was interesting to hear the original songs because I knew what I wanted and was able to convey that, but the tunes were out of my hands. In one case that was good, because when I was writing the lyrics I had a recorded song in my mind as its rhythm base. So when I heard the finished product, it didn’t sound like I thought it would (because I had the other song in my head) but tone-wise and atmosphere-wise it was exactly what I was looking for and completely original.

In the end, my main aim for the music was for it to be choral in nature (no instrumentation needed) and to be able to picture 20 actors on stage having a ball with it. And that’s what I got.

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