My New House

At my new house I have the corner office. I do. Windows to the left and right. I’m happier than a clam in the sand, a pig in the sty, a cow in the field, I could go on all day people. Sure it’s not your standard, typical, hoe-hum-drum, need to work 26 hours a day kind of corner office. It’s my kind of corner office. A comfy chair (It rocks! As in back and forth) a place to put my teapot and cup (VERY IMPORTANT) and loads of daylight. I have a station where all my writing projects are organized (Ikea rocks! As in its very cool) and I’m happier than all those happy things I previously mentioned.

At my new house it’s very quiet. Crystal Beach in the off season is practically silent. Very few cars. You hear the sound of a door closing from three streets over. You wake up to the sound of birds. I’m hoping I’ll get used to it so I stop waking up so early to the sound of birds. All in all it’s incredibly soothing and calming. I used to think that I was a tried and true city girl but it seems that’s not the case. Talk to me in the middle of winter I guess. But I’ve always been a home body so I’m not sure it makes a difference whether it’s in the city or not.

I think this is going to be one interesting journey.

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