My Summer Project

Craig and I have been having a great time this month on our Summer Project. We’ve put up a one man play called The Flying Bandit.

It’s something that I wrote and directed and Craig acts in. The play is about Canadian gentleman bank robber, Ken Leishman who orchestrated the largest gold heist in Canadian history from the Winnipeg International airport in 1966.

It’s something quite different from my Theatrefolk writing, and makes for a lovely side project. Craig is an amazing actor and he’s having a great time working his chops: he plays over 25 parts in the show!

We’re both so excited, and it’s energizing us for what’s to come in the fall. Oh boy, the fall is going to be something else!

And speaking of something else….. I’m also spending the summer working with Kristin Gauthier on Shout! I’m going to Toronto tomorrow to lock down the music for the fall workshops. I’ve lined up about five schools to test out songs, plus a school in Florida is going to do a concert version, PLUS a school in Ontario is going to do the whole enchilada in the spring.

This musical is going to be so ready to go come publication!

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