My video hates the heat too – International Thespians Festival

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Ok, so I shot a lovely video for today. Forget the fact that the people in the booth across the way kept looking at me and wondering why I was talking to myself. Forget them. I had a very sweet and touching experience today, my first day here at the International Thespians Festival, and I was very excited to share it directly with you.

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But for some reason, my video does not want to download and be shared with the world. I suspect it realizes how hot it is and would rather stay inside the camera.

If I can figure out the issue, I’ll post the video, but here’s the gist.

I had a great conversation today with students from Blaine High School, who this year performed my play Pressure. It was a thrill to talk to them and they really seemed to enjoy the script. That means a lot to me.

The play is thirteen years old. That’s a lot of years, the students who were in the first production of the play are nearing 30 now. In the initial version, two characters exchanged ‘a tape.’ It means a lot that words, dialogue, scenarios and characters who resonated over a decade ago, still resonate today.

There’s no greater gift you can give a playwright, than to tell them that their words still mater all these years later.

Here’s hoping I can coax my little video out tomorrow.

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