National Playwriting Month

There is an established project called NANOWRIMO, which is short form for National Novel Writing Month. The deal is very straight forward, you sign up (it’s free) and you commit to writing a novel of at least 50,000 words during the Month of November. It’s an awesome ‘kick in the butt’ as it were to start and finish a draft within a short period of time.

A number of years ago, another project popped up just for playwrights – NAPLWRIMO, short for National Playwriting Month. The rules are pretty much the same, write a play of at least 75 pages. One difference is that there is a strongly suggested (but not enforced) weekly check in. I like the check in, it makes the process seem a little more real if you have to tell others what you’ve done that week.

I’ve participated once, bending the rules for myself in that I completed a bunch of ten minute plays that month which became Ten Minute Plays: All Girls. But I’m thinking of plunging in again. I’ve booked a new play workshop for December (best way to get work done? Book a workshop where you actually have to show it to opinionated teenagers) and it’s not flowing the way I’d like. A project like this would bring out that stubborn (or pig headed, take your pick) quality in me to get ‘er done.

Have you ever participated in a project that forces you to a deadline? Would you like to? Consider both of these and get writing in November! 8 days and counting….

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