National Playwriting Month

It’s NAPLWRIMO time again! November is National Playwriting Month! The goal is to write every day, and get a new play finished in a month’s time. You sign up on the website, check in every day, commiserate¬†with other playwrights. This is NAPLWRIMO’s fifth year in operation, a great time to join in.

If you’re one of those writers who has a bunch of unfinished projects, or you have an idea you’d love to pursue but can’t seem to start, perhaps NAPLWRIMO is the push you need to start AND finish that project. I did this last year and it’s a great motivator to get to the end of a draft. (always a big prob of mine. I tend to re-write the beginning of a play over and over and over)

Got a novel brewing in you instead? Try NANOWRIMO, National Novel Writing Month.

Get writing! Go! Now! I mean it!

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