New Haven

Last weekend was the last conference of the year – yahoo! Six weeks off, which will be just enough down time I think to get excited about them again. We were in New Haven, CT for the New England Theatre Conference. A very nice group, and a lovely way to end the season.

As an extra bonus, Craig and I had periods of down time where we were actually able to go outside and walk around New Haven, where Yale is. It’s gorgeously old and well preserved – we had a drink in a bar called “The Playwright” which inside was made up of sections of a 19th century church. Yale certainly gives off a vibe of – “The School you can’t afford.” But it was fun to walk around on a crisp fall day and get some air.

As an extra extra bonus, through the conference we got tickets to the Yale Rep show The Mistakes Madeline Made. It was nice to see a play that had “craft” across the board from the acting to the play to the set and so on. That aspect was pure joy.

Unfortunately, the play had too much craft. Characters with language and verbal ticks, Characters with monologues where you could see the set up come right down second ave. Carefully constructed plot points delivered up to the audience. Grand themes left, right and centre. So many grand themes that that would be introduced and then left by the side of the road. For such a short play I wished that there was so much less theme. For this writer is indeed talented and I would have liked to see her develop more with less. The play was constructed as opposed to organic. I could see the playwright telling me things as opposed to them happening naturally between characters.

But I would rather see talent with flaws than smooth soulless dreck any second of any day of the week.

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