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I believe everything can be turned into a monologue and everyone can write a monologue. It’s one thing to say that, it’s another thing entirely when you say that in front of a room of teenagers, all looking at you like you’re crazy.

And yet it’s true. It just takes a specific process and specific steps.

I have a brand new product coming out soon called The Monologue Everything Program. Monologue Everything is a toolkit for teaching monologues that you’ll use with your students for years to come. If you want to teach monologues but don’t know where to start, if you’ve tried teaching monologues with less-than-desired outcomes, if you’re looking for some fresh ideas for monologues, Monologue Everything is just for you. You’ll have oodles of lesson plans at your fingertips complete with handouts, rubrics, checklists and peer editor sheets. Click here to learn more.

I’ve done something a little different to introduce this product. I really want you to know what’s going on inside the program and what you can expect. If you buy it I want you to love it and use it!

Discover Monologue Everything through The Monologue Everything Podcast.

The Monologue Everything Podcast is a series of short audio recordings all about the craft of monologue writing. They’ll take no time at all to listen to and yet each one is a gem of information. Each episode gives an overview of one element in The Monologue Everything Program.

Listen to topics such as Why Warm up?, Character is King, Prompts are Paramount, and The Past is Dead.

Click here to listen to The Monologue Everything Podcast

You’ll also find information and testimonials on that site for The Monologue Everything Program. This is not an untested product. Drama teachers just like you have read and vetted the lesson plans. Click here to read what they have to say.

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